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How did I become a lover of raw food? My younger brother succumbed to complications of morbid obesity when he was only 45, leaving a wife, three children and siblings behind. My brother had many health problems attributed to morbid obesity. I knew that obesity wasn’t hereditary; it is what we put in our mouths that can make a difference. Years ago I weighed 185 pounds and my BMI was 31.8, which put me into the obese category. Soon, I was dealing with high cholesterol, migraines, arthritis in my lower back, and weight fluctuation (yo-yoing). While looking for a solution, in my research, I discovered raw and living foods, and knew that was the answer. As I began juicing, drinking green smoothies, eating salads, sprouts, and eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables the weight melted off and my health problems ceased to exist. My goal for raw chefs, raw pastry chefs, and raw food educators is to not only prepare delicious raw meals that satisfy the palate, but nourish the spirt, soul and body.

As a world-renowned International Raw Food Chef/Instructor, I have trained raw food chefs, raw pastry chefs and raw food educators locally, nationally and internationally. With additional training as a certified holistic health coach and a certified healthy gut advisor. It is my passion to teach students, just like you, the benefits of raw foods, to lose weight, and to get back to healthy and find that inner glow again using raw foods.

Change your life by changing the foods you eat!

Look at my before and after photos; my spirit, soul, and body are now healthy, revitalized, and energized…

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